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Europe, week 5 in the Champions League in review

The Champions League season has come to an end, and the following teams have already qualified for the next stage:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
* Bayern;
* Barcelona;

In the Champions league, the struggle for the title has become more and more intense. This is especially true for the last two rounds, when the competitors were quite close to each other. The previous season, the gap between the teams was as small as 2 points. However, this year, the teams are much closer to each another, which is reflected in the final standings.
The most interesting games of the season were the matches between the leaders of the group and the outsiders of the playoffs. In the first round, the following matches were especially interesting:
1. Manchester City and Liverpool played in the first match of the Champions. The score was 1:1, but the game ended in a draw.
2. Bayern and Real Madrid faced each other in the second match of this group. The game ended with a score of 2:2.
3. Barcelona and Manchester United faced each another in the third match of their group. Real Madrid won the game, 3:2, but this was the last match of a series.
4. Juventus and Ajax played in a match of group B. The final score was 2:1.
5. PSG and Bayern faced each others in the fourth match of that group.
6. Chelsea and Manchester City faced eachother in the fifth match.
7. Liverpool and PSG faced each in the sixth match. The latter won with a goal scored by the striker Mario Balotelli.
8. Valencia and Liverpool faced each. The former won with 2:0.
9. Atletico and Juventus faced each, and both teams won with the score of 1:2 (1:3 for Atletico).
10. Arsenal and Liverpool were the last teams to play in the last round of the tournament. The Gunners won with 3:0, and Liverpool was the first team to get the victory.
This season, many teams have been able to get into the playoffs, but it is clear that the gap is still very large. The next round of this tournament will be very interesting, because the favorites will be:
· Barcelona; and
· Liverpool.
In this season of the English Premier League, the Champions will be the main favorite, but there are also teams that will be able to challenge it, such as:
• Chelsea;
• Manchester City.
It is also worth noting that the Champions are the main favorites of the Europa League, too.

The following teams are the outsiders:
* Valencia;
· Manchester United;
• Liverpool; and
· Juventus.
These teams have a very difficult season ahead.
Who will be in the next round?
The season of English Premier league ended with the victory of Manchester City, who won the title for the fourth time in a row. The team of Manuel Pellegrini, who was appointed as the new manager of the club in August, is now leading the team to the next level.
Despite the fact that the team is not in the strongest of form, the club is able to win the championship, which was not possible for a long time. The main competitor of the Citizens is Manchester United. The season of Manchester United was not very successful for the team, but they managed to win a number of trophies, including the Europa league.
At the same time, the team of Jose Mourinho is not so successful, but its results are better than those of the team led by the Portuguese.
You can follow the development of events in the English championship on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find only reliable information, which will allow you to be the first to learn about the changes in the standings of the championship.
Team’s results in the Europa tournament
The Europa League is the most prestigious club tournament in the world, and this year it is interesting not only to the top European clubs, but also to the clubs from other countries.
After the first rounds, the main contenders for the victory in the tournament are:
● FC Porto;
● Ajax;
● Sevilla;
and Liverpool.
In general, the Europa club tournament is very interesting for the fans of football, because it is a competition that is very close to the main championship of the Old Continent.
Of course, the most interesting matches are those between the strongest teams. The following teams can be called the favorites of this competition:
○ Ajax; and Liverpool. The club of Frank Ribery won the tournament for the fifth time in the past six years.
◊ Porto. The Portuguese team is the main contender for the champion title.
● Manchester United, which has won the Europa cup for the second time in its history.
However, the strongest team is FC Port, which won the trophy for the third time in row.
Now, the attention of the fans is focused on the Champions, because this year the club of Josep Guardiola is in the lead.

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