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Champions League fixtures week 5 are already known!

The first round of the Champions League saw a lot of unexpected results. However, the main intrigue of the tournament is still ahead.
The draw of the draw of Champions League fixtures is available on the website of sports statistics. Here, you can find the schedule of the matches of the group stage of the competition.
Champions league fixtures week 4
The main intrigue is the match between Ajax and Liverpool. The team from the Netherlands has been the main contender for the champion title for a long time. The Reds have been the best team in the Champions league for a number of years. However the Ajax team has been more successful in the international arena.
In the past season, the team from Amsterdam won the EPL and the Europa League. In the Champions tournament, the club from Amsterdam played against the team of Manchester City. The first match was a draw, but the second one ended with a victory for the team.
This is a good sign for the future of the team in all aspects of the game. The main problem of the club is the lack of motivation. The players are not ready for the tournament, and it is obvious that the coach wants to change the lineup.
However, the Ajax players are ready to play in the Europa league. The club has a good lineup, and the players are able to show their skills. The coach of the Reds has already decided to play the match with Liverpool.
It is still unclear what will happen in the next round, but it is clear that the club will be the main favorite of the first matches.
All football live scores
The Champions League is the most popular tournament of the season. It is the main event of the European football, and its results are followed by millions of fans.
There is a lot to look forward to in the tournament. The draw of all the matches is available here. The fans can follow the results of the games and find out the latest news.

The most interesting matches of Champions league are:
1. Liverpool – Ajax. The match was very tense. The game was won by the Reds with a score of 3:2. The Ajax players were not able to cope with the pressure and lost the first half.
2. CSKA – Dynamo. The score of the match was 1:0. The fight for the victory was tense and the score was 3:1.
3. Bayern – Sporting. The second half of the score of this match was 3-1. The final score of 5:4 was a real surprise for the fans. The result of the second match was more likely a draw.
4. Roma – Juventus. The last match of the Serie A was a victory of the Bianco Neri. The goals of the players of the Old Signora were:
* Alessandro Del Piero;
* Gianluigi Buffon;
* Daniele De Rossi.
5. Galatasaray – Galatas. The Galatians were defeated by the team with the best result in the league.
6. Manchester United – Brighton. The United players were defeated. The loss of points was the main problem for the club.
7. Valencia – Barcelona. The Catalans were defeated in the first match. The defeat was a bit unexpected.
8. Manchester City – Liverpool. This was a tense game, but in the end the score is 5:0 for the Citizens.
9. Real Madrid – Manchester City was the last match in the Spanish capital. The Citizens were defeated with a final score 5:1, which is a real shock for the leaders.
10. Valencia and PSG. The teams were defeated, and both players were quite tired.
11. Lazio – Napoli. The matches ended with the score 1:1 in favor of the Romans.
12. Juventus – Naprij. The Naprijs were defeated for the second time in a row.
13. Lazios – Valencia. The results of this game were a draw in the last minute.
14. Liverpool and Manchester City were the teams that were defeated the most.
15. Napoli and Milan. The clubs were defeated and the result of this defeat was quite unexpected. The leaders were tired and did not show their best game.
16. Juventus and Inter. The games ended with 0:0, but there were no goals scored.
17. Lazioni and Lazio. The scores of the two matches were 0:1 and 1:2, respectively.
18. Lazi – Napol. The Roman team was defeated.
19. Lazia – Sporting, 1:3.
20. Lazar – Dynamo, 1-0.
21. Roma and Lazar. The losses were quite unexpected, but not the most serious.
22. Roma, Napoli, and Milan were the clubs that were the most likely to win the title.
23. Lazija – Napolitano. The Lazija team was beaten, and this defeat is not the best.
24. Lazars – Sporting 1:4.
25. Lazare – Dynamo 1:6.
26. Lazano – Galan. The goal was scored by the goalkeeper of the Galan, but he was injured.
27. Lazianes – Napoleonic 1:7.

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